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Business Consulting Group (BCG) is a boutique outsourcing company, founded and managed by experienced Canadian Professional Accountants with a commitment to accuracy, integrity, and meticulous financial expertise. We will play a pivotal role in assisting your business in managing financial affairs with the utmost precision. We will also be your trusted advisors, extending beyond traditional accounting functions, contributing to the growth and sustainability of your business.

BCG is based out of Eastern Europe, but our European excellence and values resonate beyond borders, fostering a legacy that bridges the rich ancient history and a modern prospective future. Macedonia, a landlocked country in the Balkan region, has become a popular destination for outsourcing, as a country with a favorable business environment and commercial and legal standards compliant with European Quality Standards. The Macedonian government is also committed to economic growth, promotion of foreign investments and technological development.

Macedonia has a highly-educated workforce, with a high level of proficiency in English and other foreign languages. In addition, Macedonia has a relatively low cost of living and labor costs, which can translate into cost savings for companies that outsource their operations to the country.

Outsourcing Administrative, Accounting, Bookkeeping and many other services with BCG can be a viable option for companies looking to save costs, access a highly skilled global workforce, and take advantage of a favorable business environment.